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Tascosa Joe:
I had 3, 2  '66 a 44 spl and a 45 Colt.  And a Henry in 45 Colt.  I sold the 44 Spl to a friend who decided to get in CAS.  The 45 66 is one of those engraved 150th Anniversary models.


 :)  Ah Ha, More Like it :D

Deacon . . . . of utmost importance.  On both of your "66s.  Pull the magazine plug and spring out, and clean the dickens out of the Mag Tube.  Uberti mag tubes come from the factory with OEM Rust.  Then carefully apply an anti-seize lubricant to the plug threads.

Greyhawk . . . . your 66's with OEM trigger blocks are quite early production.  DO NOT break them.  There are NO parts available.  You are correct, the later manufacture Uberti Brass Rifles did/do not have that Trigger Block safety thingie.

Tascosa . . . . Engraved 150th Anniversary??  Would that make it a Miroku Winchester??  I really wanted one of those.  No Dinero.  Boo Hiss.

Lets Stay Safe Out There

Tascosa Joe:
The Engraved 150th Anniversary is a Uberti from Taylor.  I was hoping they would make plain models, but they didn't, I held out for 3 years hoping to no avail.  I knew the location of 2.  I got this one from Long Hunter in Amarillo.  I didn't have any money either, so I traded a bunch of guns I would never have time to shoot.

Major 2:

--- Quote from: Tascosa Joe on February 03, 2021, 01:22:16 PM ---.  I didn't have any money either, so I traded a bunch of guns I would never have time to shoot.

--- End quote ---

I resemble that  !   

Okay, what is your favorite "mud puppy" story. The gun you couldn't resist because it was just lonely, no one to love it.
I am a sucker for these little guns. The worst one happened a few years ago in a LGS where a guy was trading a sad little .32 H&R in for a brick of .22 ammo. The owner wouldn't even look at me and as the guy left just handed it over to me without even looking at me! Yeah, it's mine now.

I'm hopeless...



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