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Major 2:
Ok I'll play , Henry board , but OK I'll chime in....my MUTT  :)

Beside there is some Henry DNA in the Vetterli
The Swiss Vetterli rifles combined the American Winchester Model 1866's tubular magazine with a regular bolt.

Mine came to me as a dusty over oily closet queen in rimfire ...great bones and bore but had been in the same closet since the 1960's.

A through detail cleaning of wood & metal results were stunning, I then converted it to Center fire.

It shoots modified Lebel brass and  .429  300 grain bullet with 30 grains of 3FFF BP.

Major 2:
 The internals, Bore and rifling were pristine.

Aside from the bolt action, you can clearly see the Henry/Winchester influence with tube magazine , loading port  & cartridge lifter.  Royalties were paid to Winchester patent by Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft Waffen-Department (SIG)

Tuolumne Lawman:
We haven't had a local match for quite some time (October)?  I have been working two days a week at my friend's local gunshop since August, replenishing my deplete armory. I work for $300 a week store credit:  Mini-30, SKS Paratrooper, Churchill 12 Ga, Webley .38, Enfield ,38 Charter Undecover, S&W Models 59, 6906, and CHP 4006, Hawes SAA 22, Bauer 25, Ruger P95, Marlin 336 (1975 built) in .35 Remington with factory stickers still on the stock and Tasco 4X installed at factory, and one or two more...

My latest interest is Wild Bunch and I have a Rock Island 1911A1 and 1897 12 ga. in CA 10 jail that will be paid of Thursday


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