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Things have gone rightly QUIET here in Henry Land of late.  Has everybody gone Salmon Fishing in Alaska??  (Wrong Time of Year) Or . . . . a long Winters Nap??  Somebody has to have something to share.  Drumstick Ice cream??  Snickers??  Mounds??  Something??

Stay Safe out There

Well, I have 2 '66s, a 20" in .44-40 and a 24" in .45 Colt. New springs on the way in, the .45 is brand new so I need to open it up and clean out any manufacturing debris in there.

Major 2:
Having 3 Henry' s I arranged one to be sold , the money was used to get a Browning 1895.
 One might say,  I fabricated sacrilege....  :-\


   After finding a box of obscenely hard ( 20BHN ) Laser-Cast .427"-200gr Bullets in the garage, I broke out the Unique Powder, CCI #300 primers, and R-P, WW, and Star-Line .44-40 Brass. Charged with a relatively light 7.1grains of Unique thrown from my RCBS Little Dandy, two boxes were prepared, and accompanied the Uberti Henry and I north to The Prairie.
   Too windy for proper targets, I dropped a thick section of tree trunk, that had been rolling around the bed of the truck, at "ten rods", and proceeded to bust it up into firewood. A significant number of slugs remained in and under the splintered target; this was retrieved, and will be added to my bucket of somewhat soft range lead...


I have me an early Uberti 66 rifle in 44/40 and a neat little brass carbine in 22LR
both of them have the trigger block like a '73 has - I am told the later Ubertis did not have that  ? Coffinmaker?
The 44/40 rifle was my favrit gun till I got a 76
Little 22 is my snake gun - filler up with ratshot for the wriggly's - of course being that they are native we are not allowed to harm these deadly beasts (way more worse than a rattler they are) so just fire a warning shot in the air above em and they kark it with a heart attack.
I like unpolished brass guns - dont like em shiny - gives us away to the enemy ya know......................



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