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1866 octagon barrel tapers

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An area library has a copy of Madis' The Winchester Book, and in it is a picture of an 1866 I find particularly handsome, s/n 121,902. The magazine tube does not come through the forend cap, and he says with this style, the barrel was given a more rapid taper than those with full magazines.

Has anyone come across the dimensions of the standard and finer tapers for octagon barrels on the 1866? Thanks.

dusty texian:
KWK you may try asking that question on the Winchester Collectors Forum . A lot of knowledge there .,,,DT


 :)  PLUS ONE for Dusty Texian   ;)

I must admit to being completely ignorant of a separate barrel dimension for any limited production Winchester Octagonal barrel.  Not to say "never never" as Winchester did provide almost anything you could want on special order.

My best suggestion would be to ask around on the Winchester Collectors forums as well.

Thanks gents. I did ask there a few days ago but appear to have stumped the experts. I'd hoped in some other book or article Madis might have listed dimensions.

No big deal. I have, of course, been thinking about rebarreling an Uberti to try to recreate that rifle. The forend cap would be a pill, though, for it would have to be hogged out of a block.

I looked for my Pirkle book when I went home this weekend, but couldn't find it.  :-[   Sorry.
It has lots of dimensions.  Some other folks here have that one, perhaps somebody can look.



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