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1866 Winchester 44CF for sale at auction

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If you are looking for and original 1866 Winchester 44 CF there is one coming up for sale on December auction, it appears that hammer spring is missing


Coal Creek Griff:
Well, if it only had the hammer spring...  ;D

That is really cool! Thanks.


Well POOP!!

Atz gonna go for lots more than what I have in my Mad Gun Fund.  rifle uses the same Main Spring as the early '73s.  Hooks under a lug on the lower tang.  Then a tension screw keeps it in place.  Easy fix unless the Lug is broken.  Then just braze a new hook.  Wish I had a few more schekles.  Drat

Remember Coffin Maker, this is in Canada so it is a 35% discount with US dollars

"Other countries need not apply at this time."  As well as various permits required.  Gonna need a Canadian friend to bid for you!  :)



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