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Original Winchester 66 Transitional Model


Long Johns Wolf:
An Austrian gunsmith friend of mine obtained the original receiver of above without the sideplates.
He now intends to rebuild the missing parts and eventually build a period correct Win 66 Transitional.
There is one chatch, however.
Through me my friend asks for the help of you gunsmiths, restorers and tinkerers of historical Winchesters out there.
It is about the two screws through the right sideplate holding the steel spring cover for the loading aperture on the right side of the frame.
The big question is how is the spring cover fixed or connected with these two screws on the inside of the sideplate.
Does anybody have a drawing or can provide a high resolution picture of the inside (!) of the right sideplate of such a variant of an original Win 66 Transitional Model, please?
Thanks for your help.
Long Johns Wolf


 :)  LJW   ;)

I don't have a sample example on had, however, the Ladle was a "stamping" and the holes for the screws were stamped in the Ladle stem.  This resulted in the Screw Holes being "puckered" to the inside and then the pucker area was threaded for the screws.

Well this doesn't answer your question.  Here's some images of a early type 1 winchester. But like coffinmaker said the ladle has a hole in the end and is screwed in, also the side plate is milled to accept the gate.

Long Johns Wolf:
Thanks, Pards,
No pictures from the inside of the right panel?
Long Johns Wolf


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