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Need ammo for your Volcanic?

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As always, another great video from Ian.  It makes me wonder if anyone has tried to make a modern version of the rocket ball.  Not that there are a lot of Volcanic repeaters laying around needing ammunition ;D But it would be neat to replicate it. 

Major 2:
Wow  20 grand  .....kinda like where primers are today  :o  rare & costly

Coal Creek Griff:

--- Quote from: Major 2 on April 06, 2021, 06:53:08 AM ---Wow  20 grand  .....kinda like where primers are today  :o  rare & costly

--- End quote ---

With current ammo and component prices, that's not looking so bad.  Let's see... If I sell one of my AR15s at current prices, I could probably buy a Volcanic rifle. I have 1000 large rifle primers to trade for ammo... Yeah, this might work!  ;D

Cap'n Redneck:
@ ndnchf:  Yes, the Rocket Ball has been replicated in modern times.  I recall one of the gunsmith-reality shows on History Channel did just that in an episode some years ago.
They took a .41 caliber lead bullet, drilled a hole in the bottom of it, a little smaller diameter than a large pistol primer, and then made a recess that would serve as a primer pocket.  This was all done on a lathe. 
The cavity was filled with a pinch of blackpowder, then a large pistol primer plugged the cavity. 
(Maybe the primer would need to be glued in place or secured with a layer of varnish?)
They made a handful of Rocket Balls this way, and they were fired in an original .41 cal. Navy Size Volcanic pistol.  If I remember correctly the owner of the Volcanic pistol was some kind of celebrity, and the gunshop was a family-operated one in Colorado, where the owner piloted his own helicopter...?

YouTube had the answer: Rich Wyatt of the "American Guns" reality show.  Couldn't find the Volcanic-episode, though...



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