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Major 2:
There are some +P loads available you will need to steer clear of...

Buffalo Bore Heavy 45 Colt +P Pistol and Handgun Ammo , BUFFALO BORE'S DEER GRENADE 45 COLT +P  and Hornady Critical Duty .45  +P Ammunition

  Heavy 45 Colt +P Ammo is NOT for use in your Uberti Yellowboy.

As stated any factory Cowboy loads are fine , Brands include Black Hills, Magtech, Ultramax, TenX, & Winchester USA Cowboy Ammo 45 Colt

Coal Creek Griff:
I'm afraid that the OP may be another one that got away. He joined back in May and was around for a few hours, but hasn't been back since. Hopefully he checks back in sometime, but often these threads end up helping someone else down the road...

CC Griff

Major 2:
DoH ! I hadn't noticed the date...still it might help someone else

Also, .45 Auto Rim and .455 Colt will not work in guns made for .45 Colt


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