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on basis on Rio' rig

that of the  Jack WHIST ( holsters in "straight angle")

and that of Famous NORRIS (in "straight angle")

A new Left - Right rig for our friend Joey " Eagleye " Thomas

2 holsters "LONE star" " straight angle ", for its  51/2
full flower "tan" lined dark brown plunged  leather ( in 8mm of thickness)
a belt " tapered " lined leather leather (locking up in the back)

With cartridge belts completely  lined with conchos and US buckle"el diablo",
and nails navajo in right(straight) port(bearing) (" straight angle ") and position " low drop kick(goal) " (bass)

the holsters in " straight angle " and position " low drop

Cut of all the elements

installation of thre lining leather

 work of border  stamping "
the also lined skirts, with the US oval conchos "el diablo"

finishées rooms before assembly

 details of the "filler" which stops under the skirt, so as to avoid the frictions , way Rio

before using your holsters, the talc is much better than a silicone


With a cartridge belt with elastic  for 3x2 in cal 12, fixed with conchos

2 removable cartridge belts for 2 cartridges, closed with pressure (what makes a rig for 10 cartridges of hunting)

one carries badge wiith protection to be stuck not to line the belt and for 5 cartridges of 45LC

on a  "tapered"  with boucle US "el diablo"

soon the photos of Lily ' rig (his wife) ,  that dries!


Marshal Will Wingam:
Those are some good-looking rigs, Slye. Nice work on all.

many thanks !!

merry christmas  and best regards


Johnny Dingus:

Love your work and the thought you put into your product.  When I study it I see areas that I can improve on my work.  After each one that you post I want to redesign some of the ones I have made with Ideas that you put into your rigs.  Your work is always top notch and classy.  Can't wait to see your new work and then when it comes out here I study it for every detail.  Thank you so much for posting your work and all the pictures that you post from start to finish.  It helps with my assembly and how I do my holsters.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Johnny Dingus

Marshal Will Wingam:
Merry Christmas back, pards. 8)



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