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Ok…here goes.  I don’t want to shoot blackpowder and I don’t want to compete with the burners.  I am more interested in the shooting than the history, however, that may change as I become more involved.  As for my character, I was thinking a gentleman gunslinger or maybe a gambler.  I am not sure yet.  All though, I can see how my choice in character would dictate my choice in guns.   I want to shoot .45 colt mostly because I have a vaquero in that caliber.  It a birds-head model with a 3 inch barrel.  I thought I could wear a cross-draw shoulder rig for it.  As for a shotgun, a double barrel with exposed hammers would be preferable.  For a rifle, a Winchester 94 or marlin 96 mostly due to cost (these seem cheaper than the reproduction guns) and I would like to have something I could hunt deer with.  So, I guess I need help in selecting another sidearm, clothes, and in further developing my character.   Another vaquero would be nice but I am also considering one of the colt 73 replicas.  Does anyone have an opinion on a`manufacture?  Uberti, Taurus, barreta, navy arms, taylor, usfa?  Start up costs are an issue, but, I don’t want to buy a cheap gun that will need a lot of money in gunsmithing to make it shoot well (this goes for all the guns not just the pistol). 


Tombstone Runner SASS#54765:
Welcome Russ
By my little experience I would recomend not using a Winchester 94. I have one and had to buy something else ona conna it would jam easy, especially if you short stroke. I started with a cheaper chineese s/s and went to stroeger a little better quality. The piostols depend on  your budget....they say that Rugers are good out of the box. I bought Ubertis and ended up sending them to Bob Munden for an action job. Good luck and let us know what you decide!!
Tombstone Runner

Big Hext Finnigan:

Good job... looks like you've put a good deal of thought into your character!  That's a lot of fun, ain't it?

Here is my suggestions, based on your character.  In time, you may find that you want different guns because you shoot them better.  You can change your persona to fit the guns or just shoot them with the same persona.  Not a big deal.

You have one Ruger Birdshead, I'd suggest you get another, one with a bit of a longer barrel.  The Rugers feel a bit different from Colts or Colt replicas.  And a gambler type would have one in a Doc Holiday rig and another on his hip. 

I think the short barrel theme would be continued, cause you gotta stick your rifle and shotgun in your bags and get on and off the stages or riverboats.  So a carbine would make sense, look for one of the Big 5 Marlins.  They are $300 new and can be had in 45LC.  Then one of the short coach guns, the new Libery II has some nice case coloring and would fit a dandy.  But you can get any of the basics, Baikal, Stoeger or Stevens and get started.

Ok.. you asked for advice and you got it.  Is it worth a plugged nickel?  Who knows!!! Haw!


Big Hext,

Which are the Marlins you are referring to?  I have looked on the internet and I can't find any for $300 (maybe I am not looking in the right place).  Is the new or used price? 


Big Hext Finnigan:

There is a Big 5 Sporting goods store chain.  I don't have one near me, but the online community has informed us that they regularly have these guns at these prices.

If not, keep shopping the auctions.  I just saw a Marlin 94 Cowboy, in 45LC, that went unpurchased on auction for $399.  A deal!




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