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New member from NorCal. Here to share knowledge, (mostly pick oldtimers brains!), and network for parts, history and enthusiasm for my favorite weapon. I became obsessed as a lad, the older of my two iron-frame 1873's was my grandfather's, and I was taught to read out of Flayderman's and the Dixie Gun Work's catalog. I drew pictures, learned breath control and conservation of resources (ammo!!) on the old man's Model 67. Bought SuperX with my allowance at the grocery store and kept it in my sock drawer.
As a teen, the old relic '73 was given to me, and grandfather helped me make stocks for it from some old VG Doug Fir 2x6. I dreamed of refurbishing that old piece and dragged it everywhere thru my teens and twenties like a talisman. Fast forward to 2000, I took my rent money and bought a beat up 3rd Series, swapped the bolt, toggles and springs onto the old parts gun and shot it a few times with Grandfather before he became too ill. Had to sell the 3rd Series to pay the rent a couple months later however! Mission accomplished though, shooting the old '73 with my old man before he passed on. The barrel and frame with the Doug Fir stocks went back in a gun bag until this fall. I found a complete 1st Series in some hole-in-the-wall gunshop in Placer County and had to have it! Now I'm slowly accumulating parts and pieces to make both rifles operable. My 13 yearold son wants a "twin" to my old one so that's the mission, horsetradin' parts and doing odd-jobs for cash and setting up Ebay and PayPal for selling/buying.

Hello Everyone,
I am very happy to become a members of this forum. I am hoping someone can advise me concerning ammunition for Model 73, .38-40, manufactured in 1890. 

I know these days acquiring black powder cartridges in this caliber, or any caliber, is near impossible. I saw that a dealer has 38-40 Winchester (38 WCF) Georgia Arms 180gr RNFP Cowboy cartridges in stock. Even though they are not black powder. Would they still work and be safe to shoot in my Winchester?

Thanks in advance for your response(s).


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