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So, I've been shooting a stainless Uberti NMA bought from a friend (who had it from new eight or nine years ago) paired with an older stainless Pietta - both 44's. Having just sold a pair of 36 NMA's, I was on the lookout for another Uberti and found one advertised locally. Looked to be in very good condition and for a good price - taken in as px against a Ruger. So, did the deal, got home and started going through the transfer paperwork. The kicker...my "old" Uberti is numbered XXX785. The new one...XXX786!  :o

Need some work to shorten the barrel and bob the foresight to match, but how happy am I!   ;D

Truth is stranger than fiction!  I've heard of some similar stories.  I worked in a gunshop, and a guy bought an Evil Roy revolver.  Several years later, he bought one used and it happened to be the consecutive serial number, just like yours!

I'm curious how you would rate the Uberti and Pietta against each other, realizing of course that they are not current production.

My preference is the Ubertis, because they hide all the trivial stampings under the barrel and covered by the loading lever...petty, I know. Other than that...?

My first Uberti was bought from a friend, who had it from new. He'd cut down the barrel to about six and a half or seven inches (I need to measure this) and filed down the foresight. The Pietta is older and unknown history. At some point, the link between the loading lever and rammer has been bent, which makes loading a pain. Also, the chambers seem to be tighter than the Uberti. As far as I can tell it's standard, with a full length barrel and original foresight.

As far as shooting goes, it's pretty much a wash.

The plan now is to have the "new" gun cut to match the first one. Then have a play around with the Pietta. I really like the idea of a stainless Remington Bulldog similar to Mike Beliveau's. (Hey...is he Bottom Dealing Mike on here?) Just need to find a company who can post a Howell quick release catch to the UK.


BDM is a member here, but hasn't been on for almost 3 years.  You could PM him, though.

Major 2:
I'm curious, what kind of legal hoops must you deal with to own those SAA's ?


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