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Classic combo


Just for fun. Winchester-Miroku Deluxe Sporting Rifle in 44 WCF and a 3rd Generation Colt SAA in .45 Colt.

Tascosa Joe:
Nice outfit

Thanks! I like 'em.


 :) Hey there Guys  :D

I also put together what I consider a Classique Combo.  Actually two, but one is better than the other.

First up for bids is my 1866 Trapper, built from a Sporting Rifle in .44 Special.  Reduced the Barrel/Magazine to Sixteen and a Quarter inches, Special Carrier Block and run 44 Russian innit.  Real close to a 44 Henry Flat.  Pistols are 1871/72 Open Tops chambered in 44 Colt, in which I also run 44 Russian.  Also real close to a 44 Stetson or 44 Henry Flat.

Oh Poo.  I forgot to include I also have an 1873 Deluxe Trapper in 44 Special and another 1873 Trapper in 45 Colt (C45S) to pair up with the Open Tops or even my 1860s converted to 45 ACP, with C45S.

My other Classique Pair are a Sixteen and a Half inch barrel 1860 Henry replica in 45 Colt, in which I run Cowboy 45 Special or 45 Squirt.  Pistols are the same 1871/72 Open Tops, Switched with 45 Schofield cylinders/barrels in which I also shoot C45S or 45 Squirt.

I've never been able to post photos here, so unfortunately I don't have the appropriate Tin Types to Share  :'(


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