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What did I just buy?


Being an avid USPSA shooter, including revolver, led a few of us to start our own ICORE league. Which led to a SAA replica and yesterday I stopped in a local shop to look for a Lever action rifle when I spotted this Remington replica. After handling it I had to have it.

Trying to do some research but the Model number brings up nothing. The model is 550774, yes I can find 550773 which is not the Nickel plated one.
Nothing on the Uberti or the Taylor site.

Thanks for any info.

Marshal Will Wingam:
You may have a model that is not currently offered. That only meaning that nickel plated ones might not be in the production run at this time. It's a Uberti so you have a good one.

38 spl is a good caliber. Lots of choices for ammunition. If you reload, zero in on the most accurate load by starting with low loads and working up until the groups tighten.

Congratulations. Those are fun to shoot.

Thank you, yes I reload and just happen to have thousands of 38 specials loaded, along with 38 short Colt. ;D


Marshal Will Wingam:
Well, then. Sounds like you're all set. If you have a chance, post a target for us to see one of these days when you've tried it out.


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