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Why was the carbine unpopular?


Sounds like winchester didnt sell many original 86 carbines which is odd considering they sold so many 73's in that configuration. Im hoping to hear some reasons as to why that might have been? Thanks

Recoil is an issue for me. I want a full sized rifle for the big cartridges.

I suspect that prospective buyers were concerned that the shorter barrel, with the more powerful cartridges would "not shoot as hard" (losing velocity due to the burning characteristics of black powder). Recoil might also be a factor with the lower weight, but I doubt that was the main reason, unless a shooter had an opportunity to try both rifle and carbine. The fact that some prospective buyers might have served in the cavalry, giving them experience with the M1873 Carbine in .45-70, especially if their company commander had requested they be issued .45-70-405 ammo rather than the .45-55-405 carbine cartridge.


Buckaroo Lou:
I once owned an original carbine in what I would consider 85%. It was in 45-70 caliber. It was back when I wasn't able to tie up money in a relatively expensive firearm so I had to sell it. I have wished a thousand times I still had that rifle. I personally never found the carbine unplesant to shoot, but I shot 300 and 325 gr. GC bullets over about 28 gr. of IMR4198. Never had any need for the hot loads.

Acording to the Blue Book the carbines are worth a little more than twice what a standard rifle would be in the same condition.


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