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Added a really nice one and now I have a trio.

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Buckaroo Lou:
Well, I finally got around to calling Winchester today and was informed my 1886 was a special run for Davidsons back in 2008. The lady also told me they often have calls for individuals looking to purchase one of these rifles and that I was fortunate to have found one.

Buckaroo Lou:
Finally made it out to the range yesterday for a short shooting session with the new-to-me Winchester/Miroku 1886. I had only six rounds that I had loaded to see how this rifle would like these particular reloads. I forgot I was in a friends truck so I ran off without my sand bags and other paraphernalia. I had to borrow hearing protection from my friend. I shot while resting my elbows on the bench. My first shot my right elbow slipped off the edge of the bench just as I pulled the trigger and I missed the target entirely. My second shot was the highest hole and the next 4 shots are the ones at the 3oclock position. My load is a lead alloy cast 325 gr. FP GC bullet over 33gr. of IMR4198, Winchester brass and a Remington 9 1/2 primer. The target was at 50 yards. I don't think that is too shabby for 78 year old eyes using the barrel sights that came on the rifle. I am really pleased with how this new rifle shoots. I think it is a keeper for sure!  ;D



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