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Starting my second Kirst 1858

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Tuolumne Lawman:
Wednesday I am picking up a 5.5" 1858 at the Verdi Nevada Cabelas when I am in the neighborhood (going to Reno VA for some medical appointments).  After talking to Walt Kirst, I think the PaleRider will go on the 5.5", as the ejector assembly is VERY hard to mount to the 5.5 inch barrel one. The 8" will be my gated conversion.  Of course, I will be shooting two 5 shots (like the original .46 Rimfire conversions), so I will have to re-label the cartridge boxes with .46 Rimfire labels!  The 1860 Colt will likely just be a back up.

I will post updates.

Marshal Will Wingam:
Well, looking forward to seeing it. I assume you'll change grips on this one, too.

Tuolumne Lawman:
Well, got the second 1858 from Cabelas.  Nice and smooth, and typical trigger that is slightly heavier than it needs to be (to keep lawyers happy!).  Popped the pale rider Konverter in it, and it runs like a champ.  I took the gated Konverter and put it in the 8".  Timing is perfect.  Used my dremel and coarse emery wheel to cu t the channel in the recoil shield.  Roughly centered it on the bevel for capping.  Took about 45 minutes and 4 or 5 of the  1/2" emory drums.  Hit the channel I cut with cold blue, and cleaned it up.  REALLY sweet.  The ejector rod was out of stock, so waiting on it.  It is attached to the cylinder pin as one piece. Not to worry, though, as the first Remington 5 shot .46 Short rim fire conversions did not have an ejector rod.

Speaking of 5 shot conversions, the Kirst is 5 shot, like the original .46 Short Rim Fires.  I use a hollow base, round nose .45 ACP lead bullet in a .45 Schofield case to replicate the .46 Rim fire load.  The 1870s Winchester loading had a 230 grain, .451" heeled bullet with 28 grains of powder, making it virtually identical to the .45 Schofield loads issued by the Army, and nearly identical to the reduced (30 grains of BP) .45 Colt rounds, also issued by the Army.  Basically, the .46 Short Rim Fire was a rim fire version of the Schofield!

Pics to follow.


Tuolumne Lawman:

Marshal Will Wingam:
Looks great! Did you order the speed ejector?


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