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This is the place to discuss, show pics, hunting, and the workings of the 86

Forty Rod:
Mine is a Browning bought about July, 1999 IIRC.  Hasn't been shot much but it's very accurate considering who's shooting it, and as reliable as any gun I've ever owned (At least through the four boxes of ammo I've run through it.)

I am new to this forum as I mostly stay in the '76 slot but--I have three rifles in this catagory.  One is an '86 in 45-90 that I got back around 1960 or therabouts and until I up and gave it to my son, It was, for a long time, my "Meat Getter".  We had a local collector look at it and he said that it is a "Hunting rifle" and that has been what it is and has been.  One of the others is an '86 in 40-82.  Great looking rifle but  hasn't tasted meat yet.  The third one is a '71 that has been customized and rechambered in 40-82.  I sort of have a fetish for that caliber.  This rifle has made meat in a deer and a pig but that is it.  Then I got another rifle that ain't an '86 but is a rolly block that I reworked into a 40-82 long range rifle in a sort of "Hawken" style.  Shoots great and looks great also.  So there you have it:2- '86's, one '71 and a rolly block.


I have a Browning 1886 45-70 with the 26in octagonal barrel.  Since I am new to lever action and the WInchester 1886 type, this will be a great resource!!!!

Buckaroo Lou:
I have a Browning 86 saddle ring carbine grade 1 rifle and my newest edition is a new Winchester 86 Deluxe Short Rifle made by Miroku. Awesome rifles and a hoot to shoot!


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