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--- Quote from: Abilene on February 07, 2023, 02:10:12 PM ---Yes, nice!  I don't recall seeing this thread before.  I'm thinking defarbing a round barrel to be not so easy.  My '61 Kirst built by Jay Strite is totally defarbed.  I have no idea how that is done on a round barrel.

--- End quote ---

It not that hard,,. some finesse is needed.

You need set you file at about 30 degrees angel rather than draw file, then file away from you follow the curvature of the surface.
Don't back file or cross hatch file, just one direction, clear your file every 3 or four strokes of build-up.

A new fine bastard file will be the best tool, just work your way up and around the curve .
You'd want 400-600 and 800 wet dry paper and wrap these around the file for a hard surface backing for the paper...


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