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Video, the Bill Akins spin draw from the holster. Just for fun and demonstration

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The "Road Agent Spin" and "Curly Bill Spin" (same thing) has to my knowledge never been done before by anyone drawing straight from the holster like I do in this video. This is strictly for fun and demonstration purposes, I don't recommend nor encourage any attempt to replicate my technique of draw with a loaded revolver.

I'm using twin nickel plated, Pietta .44 cal, 1860's, with stainless, fluted, cylinders. The shorter barreled 1858 Rem Uberti .44, you can see (once) flipped in the air but mostly in my shoulder holster.
I recommend watching it in full screen. I taught my draw to the actor "Brahm" and he is going to be using it  in the pre production, upcoming spaghetti western called "Fist of Guanto".
He contacted me due to my earlier other YouTube videos of my special draw and gives me credit for the draw technique in his film.
They also have a facebook, Twitter and YouTube page for "Fist of Guanto" which I include the links of below, and are currently in editing for the preview short (to gain financial backers) the preview which is called "Shoot in any direction and you'll hit a bastard" and the planned full length film will be called "Fist of Guanto".
I am not a spokesperson for the proposed preview short nor feature movie and I am not IN the movie (although I'd luv that! Lol), and I do not receive any payment in any way for inventing and inspiring the butt forward drawing directly from the holster that is going to be used in the movie. I am honored someone liked it enough to want to put it into a movie and I was glad to advise and help with my draw technique.
First below, my latest video that I AM in and hosting.

This one is a repeated segment from the above video followed by a slow motion of the same segment. Gives you a chance to study it closely.

You may also like my other much earlier videos on this draw I developed, at these links...

Below, the e mail from the actor (Brahm) who will be using my draw technique in the film short and feature, as well as links to their social media sites about the upcoming spaghetti western.
"Hey Bill thanks for swapping emails with me. So once we began actually shooting the movie the decision was kind of made to take down a lot of the behind the scenes "footage" as to not discourage anyone from how the actual finished product will look (vastly superior than the test footage in theory). We are now deep in post production, been editing for what seems like months... oh wait... it has been months... and to think this is only the "short" film which is supposed to ignite a feature (aka some financing). The short is titled "Shoot In Any Dircetion And You'll Hit A Bastard" and the proposed feature is called "Fist Of Guanto". There will be a couple of good draws in the completed short, including the Archimedes Screw which I will personally confirm at any given moment was directly inspired by the Bill Akins draw as our screen test video proclaimed. Let me know if there is anything specific I can do for you along these lines my friend. In the meantime please feel free to follow our progress at the following links, in fact we would appreciate it!"

Happy Trails pardners!


Damn. The man is smoooth.  :)

River City John:
While interesting, it would be instant disqualification and invitation to not return if actually used in any CAS match I know of.



--- Quote from: River City John on February 19, 2023, 11:59:37 AM ---While interesting, it would be instant disqualification and invitation to not return if actually used in any CAS match I know of.

--- End quote ---

I'm sure that would have just broken his heart.  :(

River City John:

--- Quote from: RRio on February 19, 2023, 06:13:12 PM ---I'm sure that would have just broken his heart.  :(

--- End quote ---
You're right, RRIO, I doubt that safety of it all concerned him one iota.


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