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OFFICIAL 1860 thread (post pictures here)

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Hoof Hearted:
I have thought about doing this for a while.
Over on "The High Road" there are OFFICIAL threads for the different models so I am going to do the same thing here.
Many of us like to show off our pistols and this will give us a place to do so w/o "hijacking" our pards threads ;)

Rules are simple with "no axe grinding" taking precedence, followed by "stick to the topic" (no other models posted, please), then if you are seeking gunsmith advice, or reloading opinions, or grip refinishing, antiquing advice or whatever, please search for like posts and/or start one of your own.........

Thanks, HH

Major 2:
My 3 screw , circa 1862 Lettered to the 5th. Iowa Cavalry

and my 1978 Second Gen. with a R&D cylinder.

I have another 2 Gen. still C&B

Hoof Hearted:
The 1860 "Sinister" model.......

1851 grip and grip frame / R&D Conversion

There is a little extra metal reworking in this one........


Hoof Hearted:
Here's a 5 & 1/2" 1860 Pietta.......

Defarbed / hammer checkered / 45 conversion / ejector blended in

My 6 1/2" barreled Pietta/Kirst:


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