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2013 Plainsmen Encampment and Buffalo Shoot

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I will be out on business from the 28th until 5th.   I do know that the Jesse James Frontier Shoot in Kearney is the 6th.   I am hoping to pull off the Jesse shoot, doubt I could come home, get packed and hit the road again in a day, and ensure my darling wife would let me back in the house.

 So Mogo. I guess you are a no either way?  jt

yeah, I really wanted to make it, but my pretend job gets in the way of my real life.



  DRYDOCK, Not sure of round count yet. Since we are doing 2 shoots in one probably around 20.

Tascosa Joe:
My day job keeps messing up my life but....changing dates may make it easier for me to attend although that is Easter Weekend. 


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