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2013 Plainsmen Encampment and Buffalo Shoot

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Caleb Hobbs:
Dates for the 2013 American Plainsmen Society Encampment and Buffalo Shoot are April 5th, 6th, and 7th. This will be in Eastern Kansas. Trap will be including additional information as we get closer to that time.

Great way to start the season!  Best get to rolling Musketoon Cartridges!


This will be a time period camp (if it ain't period, it don't show) and shoot. Trade blankets welcome. Shoot will be a plains walk
     type, Prepare for 25, rifle, 5 pistol. Rifles must be pre 1865, flint or percussion. Spencer & Henry rifles ok. Pistols may be                      
     ML or pre '65 percussion revolvers. You may also have to preform other plainsman skills, be prepared. Period dress Required.

    Camp and shoot fee will be $30, Additional immediate family member shooters, $5. Also this will be a blanket prize shoot so bring        
   a period correct prize of at least $20 value for each shooter. If you plan to shoot the buff match it will be an additional $10. It is shot with any period correct cartridge rifle. Targets are 60 lbs and must be knocked down to count. Also you will need to bring another blanket prize for the buff match
    Wood will be available for scrounge. If drought conditions are present we may require fires be in a container. fire buckets required  
   in each camp. Outhouse will be on site by noon Fri.
    Eye and ear protection to shoot.

    Location: From intersection of I-35 and US 75 (Approx 40 mi south of Topeka KS) Go 5 mi. south on 75 to 22nd rd. Turn West.  
    Go 5 Mi. to Homestead Rd. Turn South, go 2.5 mi. gate on right side. Sign will be at the gate.
  More infoto follow.

   There is no pre registration, Shoot will be held. register when you arrive   jt  



  It figures; Just as this was posted,I ran into a snag. It is not a game changer ,but it would be a lot more convenient if I could move this a week earlier, Mar 29-31. Is there anyone out there who has taken time off and could not come if the date was changed? If I do not hear any complaints in a week I will assume that it is not a problem and change the shoot date. Sorry for any inconvenience!  >:(

Trap, how many rounds for the Buffalo shoot?


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