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Caleb Hobbs:
I want to put on a postal shoot for members of the American Plainsmen Society. Hopefully we'll have enough interest to do this two or three times a year. I'm going to keep this first one simple, limited to TAPS members only. There may be a prize.


-- This is a rifle-only match.

-- Black powder or black powder substitutes only.

-- Targets are three regular 8.5 X 11 inch sheets of paper. Draw an X through each sheet from corner to corner. The goal is to put five shots on each sheet of paper as close to the center as possible.

-- Distances are 100 yards, 50 yards, and 25 yards – five shots each for a total of 15 rounds. All shots are to be taken off-hand, and must be fired consecutively.

-- Scores will be measured from the center of the bullet hole to the center of the paper (the X), with the lowest aggregate (the combined measurements from all five holes) from each target counting as the winner. Overall winner will be the lowest number on all three targets.

-- Any target with a bullet hole not fully on the paper will automatically be placed below all targets with five rounds on the paper. (In other words, if you put four balls in a one inch group, but the fifth ball is completely off the paper or only partially on the paper, that target will score less than a target with all five rounds on the paper, no matter how scattered they are.)

-- The same rifle must be used on all three targets.

-- Approved long guns are: Any original or reproduction rifle/musket/trade gun originally produced after 1803 and prior to 1865.  For Metallic Cartridge Rifles, the 1860 Henry original or reproduction in any caliber .44 or larger. Spencer Rifles and Carbines, original or reproduction, original calibers only. NO 44-40, 45 S&W, 44 Russian, etc.

-- Traditional open sights only.

-- Disallowed firearms are: The so-called Hawken Rifles by TC, Dixie, CVA, Traditions, etc. unless they have been modified to be period correct. NO modern, in-line muzzle loaders.

-- The deadline to turn in your targets is March 31, which should give everyone plenty of time to get them shot and mailed. Targets postmarked after this date will be disqualified.

-- Your alias or web/screen name, plus the caliber of your rifle and the distance fired must be included on each target.

-- The ORIGINAL targets must be mailed in – I'll include an address in an email. Faxes or photocopied attachments won't be counted.

Best of luck to everyone!

buffalo bill:
           I will provide a shooting bag as 1st prize for this inaugural TAPS shoot. It is the type of pouch that was commercially produced to sell as an "add-on sale " by gun shops in the 1840's. Saddle and harness makers would have their apprentices produce these to practice cutting and stitching and would then peddle them to gunmakers. Good luck to all and remember"aim small, miss small".



Caleb Hobbs:
Bill -- that's fantastic! Thanks! (Send a photo when you get it sewn, and we'll post it here.)


Oregon Bill:
Dang me! Something to shoot for! Guess I'd better get a load worked up for the Mississippi Rifle!


Whoops, question for Caleb: Would you prefer we use real black powder for propellant? Thataway we'd all be dealing with similar fouling issues, but I know the pure quill isn't always easy to get.

Caleb Hobbs:
Bill, you're not going to tell me you'd even consider using a substitue in a Mississippi rifle, are you!?! What's next, ketchup on ice cream?

Truthfully, I'd never even considered substitutes,  ::) but it's something the board needs to look into. But until we do, yes, substitues are allowed. I added that information to the top post.

Good luck.


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