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Caleb Hobbs:
This announcement is long overdue, but I wanted to let everyone know that a governing body for The American Plainsmen Society has been in place for a couple of weeks now, and that we're working hard to sort out a trail that's easy to follow and will eliminate many of the questions non-members have asked about our goals.

We now have our own place here on the TAPS board to discuss these matters. The Council Room is patterned after the large rooms many of the trading posts used to treaty with the local tribes and deal with private matters. We've used emails in the past. Having the Council Room is going to make our job quicker and easier.

The current governing body includes the following members -- Caleb Hobbs, TwoWalks Baldridge, Jake MacCreedy, Tascosa Joe, and Buffalo Bill. Any members having questions or concerns are encouraged to contact one of these gentlemen.


I'd like to join this group.  Where do I sign up?


Caleb Hobbs:

It's pretty easy, and we'd like to have you. The details are on the Join The American Plainsmen Society thread, but basically: send me your email address (your email address will be used to communicate between members of The Plainsmen Society, and will never be given out without your permission). Also include your Alias, if you have one, although an alias isn't necessary to join The Plainsmen. Send this information to me in a Private Message (the little IM tab under my avatar). Once I have it, I'll post your name to the membership list



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