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Popa Kapoff:
OK know that I have you attention where can I get a nice pair of grips for a set of 1875 Uberti frontiers. I'm also looking for a place to buy material to make my own grips and knife handle.

Dave at Tombstone Grips can fix you up.   :)


Curley Cole:

These came from TipiKreeper at Western and Wildlife store. Good price Light weight and pretty easy to fit.



Fox Creek Kid:

--- Quote from: Popa Kapoff on March 10, 2011, 11:14:52 AM ---I'm looking for stag or horn grips I just don"t like the plain wood ones :-\

--- End quote ---

Real or fake?


Sgt Scott:
I bought a pair for my ruger from these fine folks and like them real well. I'll bet they can help you out.



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