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Pards!!! Display your FINISHED!!! Small Leather Projects here.

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Kid Terico:
316 and dscott nice work. Keep them comming. KT

Marshal Will Wingam:
This thread is a good idea. Thanks, TW, for thinking of it.

Cowboy, that wallet is first rate. Nice work.

Dscott, your spur straps are very cool with the wood grain carving. Well done.

GunClick Rick:

 :) I sure like that wood look on those straps.  :)  You'all keep poundin,i'll keep admirin  ;D


Dr. Bob:

Wow, that's a mighty fine cover!  Your carving and stamping are FIRST RATE!!  ;D


Great looking straps!  Welcome to the Leather Shop! ;D

Johnny McCrae:
Howdy Cowboy,
That's some great carving for just playing with it! Excellent workmanship!

Howdy DScott,
Welcome to the Forum. Great job on your Spur Straps! Look forward to seeing that Holster.

Many thanks to you Gents for sharing your work with us


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