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Pards!!! Display your FINISHED!!! Small Leather Projects here.

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Gun Butcher:
  Cowboy, youare gonna be flat scary if you ever stop foolin around and get serious ;) ;D

Dscott, welcome to the fire. Its good to have you with us.  You did a bang up job on those straps. Keep it up Pard.

Gun Butcher:
  Okay, if youall are gonna hang me over this I have one last request. Use a new rope. ;D ;D

I just got off the phone with Kid Terico and he must be doing pretty good because he wanted me to post a couple of pictures of some items I just shipped out to him.
The first one is a Southern mountain style horn.
The second one is a ball pouch,actually the one on the left.

So , let the hanging commence ,but he sounded so good on the phone I would have posted a sherman tank if he had asked.
Now someone whip the horse and lets get it over with.
Gun Butcher

Kid Terico:
GB beautiful work,  I really like it. Everyone should have at least one of your HORNS to fill out there western collection. The only thing that would make them nicer is if they were FREE. ;D They are real custom made. Thank you KT


Dave Cole:
Those look great GB.KT glad to see you posting pard.Dave :)

JD Alan:
Man, a guy can't hardly turn around before someone else posts some good lookin work. Dscott, welcome to this find group of pards. I can tell you from personal experience that they are a great bunch, very helpful. Nice spurs straps!

GB, you are one talented dude! Those are great.


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