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Pards!!! Display your FINISHED!!! Small Leather Projects here.

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Ten Wolves Fiveshooter:
Howdy Gents,

      We're starting this thread for those that want to post and show off there FINISHED work on small projects like Wallets, Spur Straps, book covers cell phone holders, Roping Cuffs, and all the smaller western style projects that AREN'T , Holsters, Gun belts or Knife Sheaths, lets try to keep these threads for there intended purposes.

                Thanks ahead of time for your cooperation

                     tEN wOLVES  

theres some great work going  on in here keep up the great work
when i grow up i wanna be able to do leather like you guys but
till then ill just keep playing around with it LOL
btw heres my newest chech book cover
thanks pards you rock

First post newely joined the work here is outstanding know i will learn so much
Been doing leatherwork for just about a year. Got my first holster request wish me luck
Here is a set of spur straps i did for my Cuz in California


Ten Wolves Fiveshooter:

Howdy Cowboy 316, and dscott :D

      Thanks for your help in kicking off our new thread, at least you will always know where these items you posted will be for all time.

       Nice work on the wallet Cowboy, your carving is always top notch, keep them coming pard. ::) :D

       dscott, those spur straps are really sharp, using a wood plank as a design was very interesting and it works great, it gives your straps a real personal look to them. Again Welcome to our forum, were glad to have you with us, and we'll be looking for more projects from you in the future, keep up the great work. ::) :o 8) :D ;D

                      tEN wOLVES  :D

thanks so much for the welcome
and the great comments


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