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Ten Wolves Fiveshooter:
   Howdy All and Welcome to the Cas City Leather Shop Forum

       Just to let every one know, that don't already, the leather shop is about old west leather from the 1800's and to include wild bunch trappings too, so that includes the 1911, B-Westerns are also part of the Cowboy action game and so are their styles and trappings, so gun leather used for all cowboy action guns are fine, but any post that is in regard to modern firearms past the 1911 no matter what it deals with , will not be allowed in this forum, Cas City is not about Glocks or ak47's or Tactical Weapons, or gun leather for them, Marshal Will Wingam and I support this , so please remember this before posting, there are plenty of other Forums that deal with Tactical Weapons and the like, we don't ever want to start that here, I made a post of a pancake holster a while back, that was wrong too, and we have let some other item slide also, but from NOW ON, it will have to be different.

       Book covers Wallets, Purses and small items and large items too, are fine as long as they are western in design, please DON'T TRY TO BEND THE RULES, it makes it hard for all of us.

                                  Thanks for All you're cooperation on this.


                                       tEN wOLVES  


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