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Old time cooking terms


If you have ever read any old time cook books you will often come across terms you don't see often today.  I have a note book full of them I have found the meanings for over the years.  I scanned them before something happens to them so I played with them to get them as easy to read as I could.  I will get them posted, perhaps they may make an old family recipe useable for you.  I get a lot of question about old family recipes someone has and don't really understand everything in it.

Cooking temps were seldom shown in degrees but like this:

Many items will say "bake till done" so a couple of guides on guide on that:

This should help clear up some of the myusteries of times and temps.

Some old terms of volume measure:

A gill cup is also the same as a demi-tasse cup or an espresso cup.

Also we see some different type spoons such as a salt spoon.  How you fill the spoon also affects the recipe and the level spponful was not always used.

Sometimes weights are used instead of volume:

Can sizes are often given with a number:


A bit here on doughs and batters, a few more terms you may see:

Flour and meal weights will vary compared to volume:

Some guides on leavening:


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