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The Leather Shop / Re: WRTC knife and sheath
« Last post by St. George on Today at 10:16:07 PM »
I've got a knife and beaded sheath from Chuck that I already featured - also have my cuffs, spur leathers, Strike-A-Light Pouch and Striker and another knife and sheath - this one laced. - he did fine work.

Scouts Out!
The Longbranch / Re: gunoholic
« Last post by 6MT on Today at 09:39:39 PM »

My newest, a Uberti 1873 short rifle in .45LC.
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: Swiss?
« Last post by Arizona Trooper on Today at 05:59:56 PM »
Hope your right on the New Normal. Have you looked at caps?!!! That is, if you can find anybody that has 'em.
The Barracks / RattlesnakeJack, did you get my message?
« Last post by DEL56 on Today at 05:24:44 PM »
Hey RattlesnakeJack, I sent a PM to you with some questions a few days ago. Did you get it? Anyway, Email me at You have been recommended as the one person who can answer my questions. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

Dewayne Liebrandt
GAF Division of Indiana
The Leather Shop / Re: What does Your Maker Stamp Look Like?
« Last post by Marshal Will Wingam on Today at 04:10:57 PM »
I just got another makers stamp. I have been wanting an oval stamp for times when my other one doesn't fit or look right. My other one is a steel stamp made by Infinity Stamps. I wanted to see how the Grey Ghost Delrin stamps are. The order went smoothly and after I sent my artwork to Jeff, he had the stamp to me in a couple days. Great service, there.

This one was inspired by a Main & Winchester stamp.

I'll compare it to my steel stamp made by Infinity.

The Delrin stamp is laser cut so the whole thing is straight cut where the steel stamp has tapered lines. The impression is ever so slightly crisper with the Delrin one but not greatly so. The image made with the steel one is slightly softer looking and maybe a bit more historically correct, but again, not by a lot.

What is the most different about them is that the laser cut image requires a heck of a lot more oomph to get a decent impression. My 32 oz UHMW mallet wasn't up to the task. I tried several times with it but finally found that I got a good impression from two whacks with a 1lb dead blow hammer (which is now one of my leather tools). On the plus side, lining up the stamp for the second blow was easy.

So which do I like better? I like my Infinity stamp a little better but the Grey Ghost stamp was considerably more affordable. Both are top quality. The steel stamp will last forever where the Delrin one may not. When the time comes to get another stamp, it'll depend on my mood which one I get.
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: American Pioneer powder
« Last post by wildman1 on Today at 03:58:39 PM »
Techs at the factory told me NO lube.
The Leather Shop / Re: WRTC knife and sheath
« Last post by CraigC on Today at 03:54:41 PM »
For me, any chance to own any of Chuck's beadwork is like winning the lottery. I also have another beaded sheath I found on Ebay that I need to photograph.
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: .45 Cowboy Special
« Last post by Drydock on Today at 03:32:05 PM »
They won't list it as in stock until all the backorders are filled.
The Leather Shop / Re: WRTC knife and sheath
« Last post by Marshal Will Wingam on Today at 03:31:11 PM »
Man, that has to be one of his finest pieces. You really scored, there. Thanks for sharing the photos. Even though this isn't your own work, be sure to add that to our "Show Us Your Bead Work" thread for future reference.

I look forward to seeing photos of your the other items, too.
Colt Firearms / Re: 1/4 "safety" notch
« Last post by Trailrider on Today at 02:54:28 PM »
I can't quote page and line, but there is an account in John Finerty's (The Fightin' Irish Pencil Pusher) book, "Warpth and Bivouac" AD resulting from something striking the hammer of his gun that had been let down on a live round. Fortunately, the bullet struck the pommel of his saddle! Another account talks of the burial of a soldier who accidentally shot himself. In both cases, it is likely they were packing six rounds. 
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