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Neat. I’m surprised some of the Cowboys could write so well.

Of course we know Johnny Rino could speak Latin.  :)
NCOWS / Re: New member need help with ncows
« Last post by Jakeleg on Today at 04:59:07 AM »
Thank you as a matter a fact,I Recieved my packet this afternoon! Actually it was pretty quick,I was just asking to make sure my gold went to the right place. Thanks and look forward to shooting with the boys from Mt Ayr Iowa and hopefully many more with the God Lord willing,
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: BLOWUP!
« Last post by AntiqueSledMan on Today at 04:37:03 AM »
Hello LongWalker,

I would guess the case separation might have been influenced because or the breech opening.
I've had it happen with my Rossi 92 in .357.
Simply ejected a short case then had to remove the separated piece.
One cant over stress the need to examine brass, mine came in a box of used reloading equip.

Most cool! Thank you for sharing

The Leather Shop / Re: Vegan Leather
« Last post by The original bad bob on Yesterday at 08:10:56 PM »
 Never heard of it... I wonder how it tools  :o
NCOWS / Re: New member need help with ncows
« Last post by SgtRickHenry on Yesterday at 08:08:35 PM »

Welcome aboard from South Carolina. Glad to have you with us. Looks like Tascosa Joe already reached out to you by PM. He will try to give you any assistance you need. You can also post questions on this forum and you will find no shortage of responses. Just FYI, NCOWS is entirely member-operated. We do not have a paid office staff (thus, the recording) but we have a good online presence and everyone is very friendly and helpful.

If you’re looking for a posse near you, with whom to shoot, you can find that info on the main NCOWS web page by clicking on POSSES. If you click on an individual posse it will take you to a link with their contact and match info.

Hope to see you on the range or at one of our events. Be safe and thanks for joining.

PS: It may take a couple of weeks to get your membership processed and your card mailed out, but they will get it done. Everyone appreciates having new members.
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: I BROKE MY PRESS!!
« Last post by Professor Marvel on Yesterday at 07:32:30 PM »
My Dear Coffin -

did you recieve your parts yet? is the mechanical marvel back in working order?

prof marvel
The Leather Shop / Re: Vegan Leather
« Last post by Capt Quirk on Yesterday at 05:44:22 PM »
Wouldn't leather from vegetarian cows be from a vegan source? They don't eat meat.
The Leather Shop / Re: Vegan Leather
« Last post by Russ T Chambers on Yesterday at 04:33:39 PM »
I just want to make sure any cactus material has been totally checked for any leftover spines.  :o ::)
But I do think they should call it cactus skin, rather than leather.  ;D 
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