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Another iconic Gun brand on the sale block

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass., May 3, 2021  --
Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ Global Select Market: SWBI), a leader in firearm manufacturing and design, today announced that it plans to divest its Thompson/Center Arms brand. This decision is part of the Company's broader strategic plan that will focus on its core Smith & Wesson brands.

Mark P. Smith, President and CEO of Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc., said, "Thompson/Center is a beloved hunting brand with a longstanding heritage, and we are committed to ensuring a smooth transition. Thompson/Center Arms' loyal consumers should rest assured that they will continue to receive the world-class firearms, accessories, and customer service support that the brand has been known for since its founding in 1965. We remain fully committed to the hunting and long-range shooting market, and with this divestiture we will be able to now focus on these categories under our iconic Smith & Wesson brand. Additionally, this will allow us to immediately redirect manufacturing capacity to increase overall production volumes, allowing us to gain additional market share while simultaneously increasing profitability."

At this time, a buyer for the Thompson/Center Arms brand has not been identified; however, the divestiture is not expected to have a material financial impact on the Company's first quarter fiscal year 2022 results and the Company expects the divestiture to be accretive to the Company's full year fiscal 2022 through higher overall production levels, increased margins, and lower marketing costs. The Company states that this decision will not result in a workforce reduction as its flexible manufacturing model allows it to repurpose capacity immediately to other areas without a headcount reduction.

Crow Choker:
I lost interest and paying any attention to TC when they discontinued the original Hawken MZ rifle they produced. While not a direct copy of Ol Sams rifle, it is light years ahead (or should I say behind in a good way) of the crappy MZ's that are a craze with alot of so-called MZ shooters who think they are shooting guns of yesteryear. I bought and still have my 1974 bought 45 Hawken. They were very good quality accurate shooters. I recall the Hawken puritsts of the day putting them down. But unless if ya went out and spend 'boo-coo' bucks back then for a exact copy, they were about the only game in town.

 I even had one so-called modern day so-called MZ shooter who admonished me and asked me what brand of MZ I was shooting. When I told him what I was shooting he advised me "Why don't you get a REAL muzzleloader". His was all outfitted out with a StarWars looking MZ, topped with a modern scope, plastic stock, and who knows what else 21st century gimmick. I know to each his own, but those guys can have those POS and pound sand with em. I told him I wouldn't have a piece of crap like he had and he could toss it in the river we were standing over on a bridge talking. Known each other since teens or before. Wonder if those guys would ever have a Modern Day Rendezvous if they'd show up wearing polyester 'buckskins' complete with same material fringe and a coonskin colored baseball hat with a real coon tail attached to the back? Oh well-my soapbox is getting wobbly and my coffee cup is dry. Fair winds to ya all!!! :)

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
I'm with you Crow,

I never cared much for the T/C "hawken", but these suped up Modern jobs we see today offend me too. Someone should show these new age muzzleloaders a 45/70 cartridge. It has everything they want in one handy container. Plus, it saves all that time having to ram a ball/bullet down the barrel. And don't even get me started on mounting a scope.

On the other hand, with all the deer out there many hunters like the idea of more time in the woods, but are not into the historical aspects of muzzleloaders. The "special season" gave them that extra season. I liked it the way it was originally. I have to admit that I find myself saying that a lot these days.

Rev. Chase

Crow Choker:
How long before we see poly frame percussion revolvers and Peacemaker Colts with rails on them to hang a flashlight topped with some wonder red eye scope???? Now that would be enough to cause a revolt!!!

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:

--- Quote from: Crow Choker on May 06, 2021, 01:37:00 PM ---How long before we see poly frame percussion revolvers and Peacemaker Colts with rails on them to hang a flashlight topped with some wonder red eye scope???? Now that would be enough to cause a revolt!!!

--- End quote ---

Call it the "OK Carol" special.



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