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First a CAVEAT:  I apologize for a weak and feeble mind.  The memory of a Gnat.  Ah what was I gonna ask . . . . . Oh Yea . . . .

Has anyone ever dabbled in trying to "Reload" 22 Rim fire cases??  It isn't that I am thinking of doing it.  At yesterdays CAS brouhaha, one of the gals was collecting the spent 22 brass from her Shooting Twins.  Said they were thinking of reloading it if things got terrible bad.

I looked at one of those little suckers and thought "no way" and besides, the "rim" is already present of a big dent.  Seems kind of an unproductive endeavor.

Stay Safe Out There 

St. George:
'Back In the Day' - some actually did reload them, but the fulminate of mercury as a primer was the sticking point and sometimes ground match heads (strike-anywhere Ohio Blue Tips) was the substitute.

The cases were first primed with that, and spun or turned to ensure that the mixture got into the folded crimp.

The powder was added (no clue as to what, but likely black)) and then a .22 lead BB was pressed tight.

The case was inserted with the original strike mark away from the firing pin, and it would fire as usual.

There are 'supposed' to be better instructions and maybe even a tool of some kind, but I never cared enough to dig further.

Apparently, this sort of thing was done in the cash-strapped '30's and in the poorer parts of the country.

These folks sell a kit:

Haven't tried it. 


 :)  Well WOW  ;)

Somebody has actually done it and even made some nifty tools for it.

I don't really see re-loading those little suckers as the "Hot ticket."  After loading two or three, it'd be like hitting yer thumb With a hammer.

It would also only be "practical" for single shot.

People are Hazardous to Yer Health

Professor Marvel:
My Dear Coffinmaker

I the ancient days, Native Americans were reloading large bore rimfires using the methods put forth by
St George. Neccessity and all....

RE Rimfires -
I see Longwalker found the kit for you!

I recall from days gone by that prior member John Boy was activiely loading/reloading .22 rimfire using
BlackPowder, specifically for an historic arm of some sort. He had even located a source
of new primed cases at the time, but did make use of that kit or one like it.

If necessary, some folks actually went to the effort of ironing out the prior rimfire hit, but I am not sure why.

now, as an aside, when the huge .22 rimfire shortage of a couple years ago struck, I myself went to my first ring of hell 
workshoip, and dug into my scrap pile  barrel rack and took one of my ancient .22 rimfire barrels for a special project.

I planned put it on an ancient single shot shotgun as a switch-barrel to utilize .22 blanks to drive a separate cast bullet.

It worked fine, but I discovered that .22 blanks were in short supply too!

So, I poked around and found those lovely .22 "power hammer" blanks at the hardware store! Huzzah!
except, whilst available, it wasn't exactly economlicalk cheap.

Next I thought, well, if not rimfire, how about a lowpower centerfire .22 conversion?

So I modified the whole mess and rechambered the .22 barrel to accept 209 centerfire shotgun primers.
That, with no powder, and a cast lead .22 bullet (or roundball, or pellet rifle ellet) worked a treat as a low-powered .22 !!!
I got enough penetration to sink the bullet almost to the base in a pine board, but no further. I further proceded to experiment
with great success using 209's and roundball in empty large bore cases and no powder as backyard gallery loads.

The experiment was  a success, but the practicality was less than optimal.
So I sat down and looked at the whole mess I made, primer availaibilty (or lack thereof)
and I went to wally world and bought a quality .177 air rifle and a couple thousand pellets.

using the various air guns I can get all the practice I want in the side yard at very little cost, and the neighbors
dont even notice. If necessary, the pointy pellets with a head shot will drop a rabit like a brick.

now I need to find a decent air rifle scope that will stand up to the crazy recoil ( and doesnt cost more than the rifle).

prof marvel



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