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Pietta barrel


Hi guys. I have a two part question.
1- If anyone out there has a newer Pietta 44-40, do they still slug at .429?
2- Thinking bout rebarreling a 4 3/4” and making it a 5 1/2”. I see Cimarron has two different ones listed. One plain, one frontier, what is the difference?
Thanks much.

Holsterguy, I do not know.  You would have to call and ask.  My guess:  When Cimarron first started carrying the Piettas, the barrels said "FRONTIER" on the left side of the barrel in a large font.  Later they dropped that stamping.  Possibly the Frontier barrels are ones with that stamping.  Personally, I hated that!  Now, whether they have any in stock is another question.  Good luck.

oh, and the bore, I think they are using .429 but wouldn't swear to it.

Thanks, Abilene!

My Pietta from Cimarron has Frontier on the barrel. It is a "black powder frame" with front retention screw.

I had it about a year now, so fairly new. Bought new.




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