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Hooked on cawboy guns

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Major 2:
I interject here...I have one Modern , just one a SIG 365

And I  have my Cowboy SAA's & S&W #3  and my Cap & Ball's

But I also enjoy , my  early to mid century Milsurp Auto Loaders

I’ve rarely met a gun I didn’t like. It amazes me the skill to invent something like that from scratch. Thank you John Browning, Samuel Colt, Eugene Stoner, Garrand, Bill Ruger, Winchester, Remington, And a whole host of others involved in the industry. 

Baltimore Ed:
Welcome to the cas club Paul. I also love them all as long as they’re old, walnut and steel. No tupperware in my safe.  Find yourself a good cas club and ring some steel.


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