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I served with honor in the 101st airborne Div VietNam, but I have a little different take on things, I fought, and shed blood for this country so I feel I earned the right to say what I’m about to say. I joined the army at age 18, volunteered for the airborne, and service in VietNam, but if I had a crystal ball and could see how this country has devolved so much since 1969, I never would have served, I might even have grown my hair down to my butt and moved to a Canada. As the old saying goes I fought for God, mom , country, apple pie , and the girl I left behind,” but the flag and this country meant something totally different then than it does today. The American people aren’t what they used to be, nor do they beleave in the same values, and democracy we used to believe in just 50 short yrs ago. Look at the last two election, 50 % of the American people voted for out and out communist, and they won the last election. I fought against a people with the same ideology that it now seems half the American population believes in as well. Don’t get me wrong, I literally love all our vets, and the kids serving today, they’re young, and as my momma used to say, “you can’t put old heads on young shoulders”. Seems to me the ones that’s should be fighting for this country today are all the crybaby cream puff collage kids that want socialism cuz they think it means free stuff, and after all it’s them and groups like ANTIF and BLM, that this government now favors and coddles, so since everything is going their way, shouldn’t they now make the sacrifices,  instead of the best kids this country has? I’m very sorry if I offend anyone, but after sacrificing for this country I feel I’ve earned the right to say what I just did, and if anyone disagrees with me, that’s fine as I and millions of others fought so that we can disagree with each other and not be chastised for it.

PJ Hardtack:
I feel the same way.

The country of which I was once so proud wants to disarm me. I make no secret that I advocate armed revolution - NOW!

There is no political solution or we would have found one by now.

Welcome home brother! Vietnam 1969/1970. Hopefully the country will turn around in our life time.

Thanks brother, and welcome home to you as well.


--- Quote from: RRio on February 18, 2021, 05:32:37 AM ---This is just a little off topic, but Vets, what do you say to someone when they thank you for your service? I have been replying "it was my Honor (to do so)"  Good enough? ???

--- End quote ---

A bad motorcycle wreck in high school messed up my leg and made my 4F (my Vietnam lottery number would have been 32).  Still causes me problems.  So I have never served.  But my favorite cap (Olympic Arms - Home of the AR-15) is one of those with the stars and stripes on the bill and flowing back down the side of the cap.  Quite often, store managers will say "Thanks for your service" as I pass them.  I think they are trained to do this, and they just assume the cap is for service since many ex-servicemen do wear similar caps.   I usually say "I was not in the service, but thanks for the thought."



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