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Neat find in a mixed bag of antique ammo


I was digging through a bag of mixed antique ammo and found some cool .45 ACP cartridges from the US Cartridge company. From what Ive read, the bullets have cupro-nickel gilding, thus the silver color. All but one date to 1917,  the other to 1918. I didnt know I had these, but they are perfect to go with my WWI era M1911 made in 1918.

Dave T:
Kool! I've never seen 45 ACP rounds like those, but then I've lived a sheltered life. (smiley face goes here)


Major 2:
Very cool , I like the composition of your display too
The M1917 , Brody , 1911 etc.

Thanks guys. A small correction. The M1911 dates to 1917, not 1918.

Lord Eoin MacKenzie:
 i had some .45acp with 10-14 dates or so on the cases.    they shot ok in my 1911a1.  I also got some steel cased, in the same mixed. batch from a local gun shop, that knew i reloaded.   I shot it all, 20years or so ago.  Hind sight is 20/20 they say.



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