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Pancho Peacemaker:

--- Quote from: WaddWatsonEllis on August 31, 2010, 10:41:44 AM ---Pancho,

Once again, thanks for the maps et al .... even tho' my birthplace is San Antonio, the last time I was there for any amount of time, they held boxing matches in front of Joskes during San Jacinto Week, the only restaurant with a pation on the river was The Original Mexincan Restaurant (and one could look beyond the patio and see refridgerators that had been thrown over the bridge), the taco queens still sold tamales at $1/dozen, and that beautiful mission with the Rose Window was two hours out in the country.

So, without your maps I am sure I would be totally lost just getting out of San Antonio....

--- End quote ---

The word "Joskes"  brings back some memories.   Remember the big Christmas display with Santa on the roof?  That was the highlight of most kids' Christmas in the SA area.  All that died down in the late 70's or early 80's.  Another chain bought out Joskes, but they closed up shop quick.  Right now the building is vacant, but supposedly a big developer is going to gut the interior and turn it into another 'tourist destination'.  

You are much older than I.  I don't remember any organized boxing matches.  I do remember seeing some street fights downtown, but they were a little too rough to be called "boxing" ;D.


The last time I lived in San Antoio was 1959 .... and I remember boxing rings set up at intersections (the roads were blocked), and the crowds looked like a scene from Mardi Gras ...

But one og the reasons I am going down there is about the little town of  Dilley ... and before Dilley existed there was a tiny town called Covey Chapel, where my Great Grandfaterh was one of the first deacons ... the church is gone, but the graveyard has much of my great kin in it ...( great grandfather and great uncles) ... in fact, if you see an Ellis there, I am related....

We are having our own reenactment here, and I am a docen in the Californio tent ... so gotta run and get ready ... here is the website:

It's too bad you aren't coming through here (DFW Metroplex). I'd love to shoot with you at one of our matches and then sit around and tell lies over lunch. <grin>


As usual, I ended up trying to pack two weeks in a one week vacation ... DFW might work another time though ... of course if you ever find yourself passing through Sackatomatoes, well mi casa es su casa ....*S*

lethal larry:
Good idea Pancho. Thanks.



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