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Pic of Lone Rangerette


Howdy Doody:
I am in the midst of still shooting Plainfield Raid, but I like to share. This morning (sat) I got my eyes opened wide when I spotted a great costume. I am so sorry I don't know her alias, but she gets my vote for best costume for sure. Gunbelt to match too and silver bullets in the belt. Too cool. CAS should be fun and it sure is.  :)

California Lawdawg:
Very nice outfit. Wonder if she is using the Long Rangerette alias?


Doc Shapiro:
That's Anita Margarita.


Howdy Doody:
Thanks Doc, I feel bad when I can't remember an alias.  I didn't recognize her with the mask on.  ;D ;D ;D
Here is another shot and say, who is that handsome devil on the right checking out the Lone Rangerette ?

Paper Chaser:
Nice, nice outfit!! :) :) :)
Should get many outfit and even style points for it!



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