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Marlin rifles: pictures and talk Re: Let's trot out some pictures..


Silver Creek Slim:
Howdy Doody,
Great looking Marlin. Here are some of my Marlins and other guns in my guncart.

Howdy Doody:
SCS, my favorite marlin is my 336 cowboy 38-55 and it is danged accurate. I love Marlins, but I have tried a Codymatic 73 and that was pretty sweet, there might be a 73 in my future.  ;)

Silver Creek Slim:
My 336 is a pre-safety straight grip in .30-30. I have heard great reports about the .38-55. I might just have to convert it to .38-55.  ;)


Big Hext Finnigan:
Here's a couple of my Marlins..
both in 357


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