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The rig of Alley Cat Finnigan and other pics..


Big Hext Finnigan:
This is the rig I had made for the boy, when he got started two years ago.  Very nice work by one of out local leather guys.

The pistols are a slick, accurate pair of Cimarron Thunderers that I bought from Deldorado, a good pard in a deal.

The second picture is ACF in his scout shirt, made my Sherri Heath and his Marlin carbine that came from Stewart Dawge.

He's a great kid and a pretty good shot, specially when his dad isn't giving him advice.  ;)

Thanks for taking a gander...

Howdy Doody:
Wow, talk about nice  :) Nice leather, guns and shirt too. Congrats.

Big Hext Finnigan:
Thanks Howdy!

I think if you want your kid to enjoy the game, you have to get him good toys to play right along side.  Cheap cost for the shared memories.



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