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1860 Henry Shooter Roll Call (JOIN HERE)

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Papa Bear:
Add me to the list.  I don't have one yet but am currently looking for one in .44wcf.  

For now I'll continue to shoot my "Improved Henry".

I wish more groups would use the no membership number option. 

Thanks for the plug on SCORRS.  ;)

Bull Schmitt:
Count me in. I have an early Navy Arms Henry in 44-40.

Papa Bear:

SCORRS never did have any membership numbers.  There were a few members that were so used to the SASS numbering system that they counted down the SCORRS roster list until they came to their name and said I am number"X".  We did not want the "my number is lower than your number so that makes me better than you" attitude that is/was(?) in SASS. 


Steel Horse Bailey:
Well, Howdy!

I aint better'n nobody, 'cept some dead guys, and I may not really be better, jus' luckier! ::)

I's got me a fine Improved Henry that is shown in my CAS City profile.  Since that time, I've got rid o' that Eyetralian Red shiney finish that was hidin' some real purdy Walnut and got a couple coats o' hand-rubbed tung oil on it.  I slicked it up too, an' now the innards slide t'gether real nice.  Even tho it's 45 Colt, I can keep it goin' purdy smooth for 'bout 50 rounds afore it gets sticky - an that's usin' hard-cast boolits with that nasty waxy lube!  I'm a gonna get me sum o' them BigLube (tm) boolits or a mould and start crankin' out proper bullets meownself.

(Country mode: off) Thanks Marshal, for the great new forum.  And Joss, you too, for suggesting it!

Steel Horse Bailey:
Oh, and my first "Cowboy" rifle was a borrowed 1860 Henry.  I STILL wish I'd bought it then, since it was for sale.


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