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I always thought these hopelessly crude looking and wondered why they had made up 3/4 of Winchester's production. I got to handle an original recently. It was from 1870 and had the early standard crescent butt plate. What a nice handling rifle! It's far nicer to heft and swing than my original 1873 rifle (which has a half mag). Finally, I understand.

How does it handle comparitive to an 1873 carbine?  I've played with the latter, but have never had the chance to do so with an 1866.

A '66 will be slightly heavier than a '73 in the same configuration.

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--- Quote from: matt45 on December 15, 2022, 09:06:21 AM ---How does it handle comparitive to an 1873 carbine?
--- End quote ---

I regret to say, I didn't try a '73 carbine that day. For that matter, I don't recall ever shouldering an original. I'm certain a few were on the wall, but my son and I were drooling over British doubles and singles that day. The '66 caught my eye, though. It was sitting in a corner next to some '85s. It was pretty badly beat up but must have been gorgeous when new, for the engraving was first rate.

I think Madis wrote the '73 receiver is a bit lighter than the '66, despite the latter being a little shorter. Also, this '66 had the heavier crescent butt (much more stylish, I think), and that would change the balance.

Earlier this year, I had a brief chance to get one of these Uberti carbines. I didn't want a 45 and I didn't care for the laser engraving pattern. After last week's encounter, not purchasing it became another regret:

Every once in a while, I send a note to Taylor's suggesting they need to commission a short run of these in 44, sans engraving. Maybe I should just get a standard carbine from them along with a rifle buttstock.

I'd still like to have a standard '66 Carbine in .44-40.  Probably never happen now, but I've wanted one for at least forty years!


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