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I have been checking Taylor's web site periodically for updates on the Frontier model. Much to my surprise I found the Frontier completely deleted from their site today. I messaged and they responded that the model has been discontinued. But, they do have some still in stock and they will be gone once the stock is depleted.  Against my better judgement I called and spoke with the Taylor's representative. He said they have several Frontier models left in .45 LC with a 6.5" barrel in nickel finish. Needless to say I have one coming to my FFL.

That's too bad, I have one in 44 special.  I wonder why they are stopping production. I wish they would start making the double action S&W 9n 44 Russian.


Insufficient demand for the product.  With global sales down, maintaining production of guns that aren't selling well is a losing proposition.  Also, introducing guns with a very very limited tiny market share ain't gonna happen neither.

Play Safe Out There

I suspect a lot of these types of revolvers are going to disappear in the near future.   Along with any chambering other than 45 Colt and .38 special.  A few weeks ago I grabbed the last .44 special type 2 Richards from Midway, doubt I'll see another. 

The rep I spoke to at Taylor's didn't know why they discontinued the frontier.  He was disappointed and surprised they discontinued this model. More than likely coffinmaker called it. The Schofields and Russians are still listed. Sad as I think the New Model 3 style (frontier) is a better looking gun.



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