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Miroku 1866 - action won't close

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Hello everyone,

Hope this finds you well! Some context first, I'm a little frenchy from the other side of the atlantic (duh), and I must have paused one too many western saying how I loved 1866s that my wife decided to gift me one, the replica by Miroku in 44-40.
Cue delivery, I get some snap caps, load them into the tube, work the action and... It's stuck. It won't close all the way. Or it will, if I put so much force on it that what I gather is the extractor clips off the edge of the snap cap rim.

Here's the problem:

in video :

Now, everything firearms related is more complicated this side of the ocean, even more so when you start buying "exotic" rifles such as this one.
I don't want to send it back to the gunsmith yet (it's an internet purchase, had to scour the internet to find one in stock).

I put my thinking cap on: apparently it's no longer in production so it may have sat a long time at the gunsmith before it finally got to me. Okay, maybe the extractor piece is stuck in dried oil or something and I just need to properly service the thing.

Fair enough, I end up here (there precisely: https://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php?topic=60445.0), try to find some schematics and learn as much as I can before I take it apart (thank you so much OD#3!!).
I take everything apart, get the bolt, oil it, test that the extractor moves, everything seems fine. I assemble it back. Still no luck.

I am starting to come to terms that I'll have to send it back but this is frustrating. I feel like I can fix it, I just don't know what it is because I never had it functioning. Is it the extractor? Is it suppose to be able to move more than it does? Is it something else, like the ammo not presenting the right way for the bolt to latch onto it?

If anyone knows the issue here, I would be much appreciative.

Cheers from France!

I'm not sure what I'm seeing, it looks like the extractor slips off the rim when you have the action all the way open (not closed).  Are these 44-40  snap caps?  The brass carrier block is supposed to act as an ejector.  When the cartridge is extracted and the carrier rises, the carrier acts like an ejector by kicking the empty up and out of the action.  This also kicks it up out of the extractor hook.  It looks to me like your snap cap is so skinny that the opening at the top of the carrier block is too wide for it and it just goes up around the dummy without kicking it up.

edit: do you have an empty piece of 44-40 brass to try?

 Hey Abilene, look at how much gap there is between the rim (snap cap) and the face of the bolt ???? The extractor may not be cut right, as in not back far enough toward's the face of the bolt. The extractor could be stuck and is not letting the rim ride up over the tab on the bottom of the bolt. MAG !!.

  coffee's ready,  Hootmix.



It also appears, the Snap Cap is not chambering fully.  If the rifle closes up correctly when empty, I would take a hard look at the Snap Caps.

I don't think the bolt fully closes, if you pause and rewind the video to the beginning, it looks like the gap is still there.


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