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Hand and Bolt Spring


Gentlemen, Who offers really good hand and bolt springs?  Keep in mind, I really don't like the wire springs.  Thanks!


 :) Niederlander  ;)

To properly answer, I gotta ask a couple of questions.  What specific gun are we talking about??  Colt SAA??  Colt SA Replica??  Uberti or Pietta??  and do you wish to modify the frame??

I am actually, on second thought, thinking you may be enquiring for a Colt SAA.  If so, My recommendation for a Trigger/Bolt spring would be the Pietta SA trigger bolt spring.  The Pietta is well designed lighter flat spring that is not prone to breakage.

When it comes to Hand Springs, unless you are willing to drill the frame for Coil Spring and Plunger, then modify the hand for same, there is actually no "really good" flat hand springs.  They are all somewhat flimsy and prone to breakage.  If you are replacing the Hand Spring for a Colt, I think flat hand springs are still available from Uberti??

Play Safe Out There

I'm sorry, I meant Trigger and Bolt spring.  (Must have been suffering from brain fade.)  It's for an old ASM Cavalry Model.  I'll plan on ordering the Pietta springs then.  (I may end up eventually drilling the frame for the coil hand spring.  I've done it before, and they do work quite well.)



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