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Mad Miles:
I have a Colt 1873 SAA and need a couple parts.  A trigger screw and a cylinder bolt (I think that's what they call the part that indexes and stops the cylinder from rotating).  Both are broken in my gun.
I'm wondering if anyone has one for sale or knows where I could find those parts.

Also wondering if a brand of replica parts would fit.  I ordered a screw from a company who stated it to be a factory original but the threads were 32 per inch instead of 24 so I'm thinking it is an original from one of the factories that makes replica guns.  I did buy two packages of parts for my 1858 Remington and two of the 14 fit.  I knew the parts were for a replica gun but thought I would take a chance. 

Is there one brand of replica guns the has parts that fit the original Colts better than the others?

Any help finding these parts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

St. George:
Brownell's, Midway, Peacemaker Specialists, Jack First - it's a long list, so look at your search engine.

Italian parts are just that - Italian parts and metric.

Scouts Out!

The Pathfinder:
Miles, you'll also need to be sure of the vintage or generation of your Colt, some of the screw threads did change over the years. The one you bought just might be the right thread size, just for the wrong vintage.

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Mad Miles:
Thank you,
Mine is a first gen.
I was posted a pic of a page from the Kuhnhausen book.  My bolt and trigger screws are the same as the 1st gen screws, .195" 24 TPI and the "Factory" screw I got from the dealer in Canada is the same as the Uberti Cattleman S.A.  I wonder if that book has the same kind of comparison with the bolt?  I'll have to find a copy.

Brownells doesn't have any, Midway wont ship to Canada, Jack First has "no products to list in this category", I have 'check stock' inquiry with VTI I'll try peace maker spc.  I've been on the search for a while, just not having any luck, so I posted here in hopes someone would have what I need or know someone who does.

Thanks again.

Mad Miles:
If there is anyone out there with a Pietta 1873 with the bolt or trigger screw out of there gun, I could sure use the dimensions of it.  I found a place selling Pietta parts up here but would like to know the threads per inch before I buy them.  Thanks.


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