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 :o  Oh No Mr. Bill

There is certain Auto Finance Commercial.  It winds up with "Who wants French Toast??"

Resistance is futile.  Assimilation is guaranteed.  The suggestion of French Toast just keep nagging at me.  I gave in.  Snapped up a nice fresh loaf of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, and headed for my Laboratory!!

Success!!  This morning I presented my Sweetheart and Myself with a few rashers of Bacon (perfect crispness) and Delicious French Toast with Raspberry syrup.  O. M. G.  Such bliss.  Keto diet be damm'd

Play Safe Out There

But you didn''t go buy a new car, did you?   ;D


 :)  Abilene  :D

Actually,  Sort Of,  Kinda.  Actually did that this past July.

Play Safe Out There.  Avoid People.  They be Hazardous to Yer Health

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Major 2:
Another Mini Cooper ?


 :)  Major 2  ;)

ABSOLUTELY (Stolen famous Movie Line)

Avoid People.  They Be Hazardous to Yer Health


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